Background 2011

In 2011, Roberto, a deaf and blind friend from Burgos, came along with us.

  • CAMINO: Irún-Santiago-Finisterre. July-August (from 30th July to 14th August)
“So what’s going to happen in 2011?”. That wasn’t exactly how Gerardo put the question to me, but you could say that it was a good translation/interpretation of his own words. “Next year I want to go from Irún to Santiago on the northern roads. And in 2012, we are riding from Valencia to Seville, alright, Javier?”. And what can I say? Just that the answer is yes, from Irún along the North Road to Santiago, ending up in Finisterre. We mapped out the route and the complement for our project. We pedalled the tandem-tricycle once again next to the other two-saddled bicycle but, for the first time, our companion had only two wheels. We went with Roberto, a boy from Burgos who, just like Gerardo, is also deaf and blind but, in his case, deafness and blindness have not affected his sense of balance so that he is capable of being a co-driver on an in-line tandem. His rider was Esther, a Spanish sign language interpreter and friend of Robert. So, this time, perhaps with more motivation than ever, the project went back to being called the Road of the Senses, with “2011” tagged on at the end.
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