Background 2013

2013 was a year of numerous Roads:

  • CAMINO: Bayona-Santiago. July

We set out in July with Nico, a young Alicante boy with cerebral palsy. With him, we walked slightly over 100 km needed to earn the Compostela Certificate.




  • CAMINO: Pontevedra-Orense. August

From 14th to 20th August, Gerardo took to the Road again, this time on a sentimental journey through the provinces of Pontevedra and Orense, visiting the houses of people who have been important in his life. 400 km of joyful reuniting.

  • CAMINO: Sahagún-Santiago. August

Also in August, this time from 22nd to 30th, Maxi, another young boy with cerebral palsy, fellow sufferer as a cyclist for over a year of training, made his pilgrimage debut by pedalling from Sahagún to Santiago.




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